Saturday, December 25, 2010

My Origami rose

Dear diary..
Its been sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long. But I wont waste half this post explaining why I've been MIA, there really is no point.
To be perfectly honest, I have no excuses that's why I wont even bother. I have missed you though :)

My origami rose was a project that I worked on for at least a whole month and I was drawn back to my 'diary' after I was successful. So here I am.

Anyways, when I first started my co-op job in September, I came across a lotta hand made flowers and I got really interested in them. Being me, I forgot totally about them until half way through the term, and then I got totally obsessed.

I learnt via a youtube video that I musta paused and replayed over twenty times until I got it. When I did, I made so many and displayed them in my little cubicle...I even made one for my colleague and I got kinda popular because of it.

My point isn't directly aimed at the origami roses that I made as much as it is the effort that I put to learning how to make them.

After I learnt, I kinda figured that if could do that, considering how bad I am with my hands (believe me I'm terrible), I can do whatever it is that I set my heart to.

So you see, me learning how to make an origami rose didn't just make me popular at work, it motivated me. And to be honest, I think I'm ready to take on the new year.

Of course even though I still have to go over a couple of resolutions and what I achieved and what I didn't achieve, I have my main motto...and that's what's important...well most important.
You can do whatever it is that you set your heart to.

Ps- #Justsaying Just because you always break your resolutions before January is over doesn't mean you shouldn't still make them. Just add keeping your resolutions for at least 2 months to one of your resolutions.

Pps- I'm gonna stop by my fav blogs tonight unfailingly...I missed them so much!!

ppps-- really isnt my rose, I couldn't take picture of mine so I figured I'd just show you what mine looked like.
Anyways, my boyfriend's texting... gotta go :)

MIA honey