Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dont wanna be right

I hate being right.

OK not really, but sometimes I just can't afford to be right, I don't want to be! And those are the times I tend to be right... to the letter.

So now that I'm right, what should I do about it?
That's the question.
Since I thought of this before it happened, I should have a plan right?...wrong!
I don't. And since I don't have a plan, I wing it, and I mess up a little.

It doesn't seem to matter. They don't seem to notice, or maybe they just don't care.
That's fine, this too will pass, wont it?
But with every time I'm right, its like a stake to this,this...whatever the hell this is. And every thrust murders it slowly.
Then again, what do they care? They don't even notice.

Ever prayed a silent one...
Begging with everything inside you...
To be wrong?

Right Honey

Friday, April 2, 2010

To listen or not to...

So Ive been down with a flu for the past few days. It's been so terrible I started asking 'why me?'.
Not that if this was some sort of punishment I wont deserve it...

Anyways, since I hate going to hospitals and I didnt even have the strength to anyway, I googled 'what to do when I have a flu'. One of the first things I saw was to drink a lot of Orange products and rest as much as possible.
The thing is I also read to take a warm shower, dress warm and sleep warm..i.e wrap myself in a duvet.
And that was quite confusing for me because whenever I had these symptoms when growing up, my parents gave me a cold shower and instructed me not to cover myself!

Now, I've known my parents all my life but this dude that wrote this post claims to be a medical professional but I've never met him. So whose advice do I take?
I mean, anyone can say they know what they're saying and post something on the internet, matter of fact, my father could have done that too.

While I was thinking about this, as usual, my mind travelled a little far and I realised that this could apply to our lives as well.

A lot of people tend to take into more consideration what people they dont know say, and pay less attention to what people close to them say.
And I'm wandering if this is something psychological because honestly, I do it too.

I think maybe its because you know they'll always be there to repeat their advice...or maybe its just our human nature to be defiant, even when it unnecessary.
I have this friend that just wont listen to me, I tell him something he ingores me, someone he doesnt talk to, tells him the same thing and he does it immediately...he acts like that so much that I'm past feeling hurt about it.

Anyways, whatever the explanation for that behaviour is (because I'm sure there's one), I hope I come to understand it soon.
I wont tell you whose advice I took, but I will tell you that I feel a lot better, thank you very much.

That aside, I recently watched 'The princess and the Frog' and I thought it was really good. I find that for a lot of animations, you need to sorta psyche yourself and assume the childish mentality to fully enjoy it. I didnt have to do that for this film, so I think you guys would really enjoy it. Plus Neyo's song at the end was lovely :)

Almostwell Honey