Friday, April 1, 2011

Migraine skank

I'm bored today and I have a headache, hence the title...
So I spent last night studying for a calc test. The calc test went ok, I think. I mean these days I can't be too sure about what planet my profs develop their quizzes from.
For example, 2 days ago I wrote a probability and statistics test. I knew for sure I couldn't get more than 21/24 just 'cause I had no idea what to do about a 3 mark question (I seriously spent 10 minutes on the question before it dawned on me to skip it). Anyways, I ended up not doing as well as I thought because of silly mistakes and a total OP on the last question. By OP, I mean I went completely off point in my solution and I got a huge 'odo' for it.
Anyways, I got 16.5/24 and I wanted to stab someone...not literally oh. Luckily, he said it was 'his bad' and decided to grade the quiz out of 22. Which gets me at a 75%...not bad.

Moral of the story- In future terms, I should seriously consider avoiding last minute study.

I think my main reason for posting today is that I need 1 of those motivating speeches. Sooooo, I'm giving myself one by writing...or not. Exams are in two weeks, and if I'm going to meet my dream, well not so much dream, average for the term, I need to get off my butt and do some work. Truth be told I'm not even sure what my issue is- procrastinating, being lazy you name it. Oh God *looking up to the ceiling*.

So, here's to almost entirely non-stop studying until April 22nd beginning April 5th...or 6th. There's a Kardinal official concert on the night of the 4th, I may not be awake in time to use the 5th properly :). Gosh, I love 19+ events

ps- I saw this on a shirt yesterday afternoon
'There's three types of people in the world. Those who can count and those who can't.'


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