Sunday, February 21, 2010

Good bye winter...

Disclaimer: I reread this post and realised that many probably wont understand what I'm on about. It's all just different strands of thought in my head...

I was walking home this morning when I noticed how the colours seemed to be coming back...
It was still as chilly as ever,
but I could see some green and brown in the grass, it wasnt all white anymore...
Winter seems to be packing its bag,
February is almost over,
Spring break draws closer

In my heart and in my mind, its a lot different...
winter isnt going, in fact its still very much around,
the dull, gloomy feeling,
the grey atmosphere,
the ice in the air...(yes, ice in the air)

I feel so lost, my sense of good or bad becomes misty
I have no direction anymore and its not just affecting me, its messing me up.
Nothing feels logical anymore and I search for something that might eist only in my mind..
Or maybe I'm just looking in the wrong place or maybe I'm searching the wrong way...

When will I stop being so confused?
when will things follow the proper order that they should?
and if never, when will I adapt to it?

I'm tired of this winter, no not the season..ok maybe a little
but I'm sick of the one that exists in my mind..
the one that froze friendship,
and hid the light of love,
The one that dulled right and wrong,
and covered guilt up with grey...

I'm ready for rejuvenation, I'm ready for spring

tired Honey