Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Black or White....

Lately, I've been faced with people going all indirect on me and truth be told it gets a little frustrating!

So I was just thinking about how people go round and round in circles when they try to talk, rather than coming out straight with it...

Like how guys just don't go directly to te a girl that he likes her, instead he chykes her and when he's almost sure that he's in good standing he lets her know whats up...

Or how some girls (including me) just dont say what's on their mind, instead they try to drop subtle, obvious, and pinch-your-arm duh hints.

I was also thinking of how we try to twist things around to suit us and what we want...

Like how something is obviously wrong, but we make excuses for it just so it seems almost right

Or how when giving an account of something that happened to us, we make ourselves look like the hero.

Since I love to complain and I'm actually working on curbing that bad attitude, I decided to look at it from another angle.

So I thought of how life would be without these indirectives.

No sarcasm - makes the convo a little less interesting.

Direct talk- getting a chic will be hard oh, and #maygetyouslapped

No hints- At least you wont vex that your boyfriend doesnt understand you...

wrong/right- well at least we know whats what, but it sucks the fun outta life doesnt it?

Gist- You dont get to be a hero, in fact you just might be the bad guy!

In other words, we can do without them, but life wont just be life anymore..

Cus life isnt straight, it bends in a few places and curves around others...
Life isnt a 1950's movie it has a bit of green, some yellow and a little red...
And life isnt a hollywood movie, the bad guy doesnt always get caught

So to people like me who would love a black or white life, sorry, but life is colourful, 3 words:

Deal with it.