Monday, July 12, 2010


So this semester has been the most hectic of all!!
oh pshhh I've only had 2 semesters, but I've still got to complain!

Starting this term thinking it was going to be a breeze was a really bad idea, now, I think I know what it means to really be in Uni and I honestly hope that I'll come out great by the end.

I haven't got much on my mind except school but can anyone really blame me for that?

One nigga decided to call me while I was studying. Unfortunately, I didnt answer with my usual cheery voice, and he complained about it. Its not like I didnt want to talk to him, its just that he wasnt among the top 10 ... or even 20 people I wouldnt mind speaking to when I'm trying to study!

The convo dulled me sha, but that wasnt his fault... I really didnt have his time.
(I started out the last paragraph wanting to bitch about the guy, but then I changed my mind cus it really wasnt his fault that he called at a bad time)

That being said, I absolutely cannot wait til this semester is over!

BTW Happy birthday to my housemate!!

I think someone wrote 'HB' on her fb wall for her birthday...imagine!
I found her response to that very hilarious, (I was soo tempted to write it on her wall just to be mischievous...but then I thought it over...)

busy honey