Sunday, November 8, 2009

hello twitter..

I finally joined twitter this week...yup
After my roomie made me feel so jealous going on and on about trendy topics and what Chris Brown was tweeting and Trey Songs and blah blah blah...You get the point sha...The heights was when 'I invented sex' came out and only twitter people could see it...O boy, I was burnt!

So I've added twitter to my addictions...btw...lemme just get this out...Hannah Montana is a new addiction as well. I watched from season 1 and now I'm in season 3.....don't judge me people, I needed a bad habit.
Anyways, I'm guessing twitter is a lotta fun when a lot of your close friends follow you and you follow them right? Well, after I signed up for twitter, I realised that there weren't up to 10 people I could actually gist with on twitter. I just sat staring at my laptop, trying to think of who to tell that I was on twitter, but I couldn't think of many. I felt kinda bad about that 'cause it made me realise how cut off from my friends I've become.
On one occassion, a very close friend asked me how many real friends I had...and I was stuck. I just couldn't say anything...
It's unfortunate that this person isn't my friend anymore...that's a story for another day...I haven't come to terms with it yet. I'm still hoping he'll buzz me one day and ask to start over...I would certainly love that.

So Friday's here again...unlike old me..I didn't go partying, or to the movies...I went to church...and I enjoyed it.
Ok actually, it was movie night in church so I guess technically I lied 'cause I actually went to the movies right?
The little boy in the striped pajamas
That's the title of the movie we me the title says a lot about the movie...but at the same time, it doesn't say much...I can't do a proper review on the movie 'cause I wouldn't quite cover it...I will say, however, that its a great movie and worth every minute of the 2 hours you spend watching it.
Btw, any advice on how to pimp up ma twitter page will be highly appreciated.

ps- I should also mention that I'm having fun on twitter despite the friend issues....
pps-I think I wanna change my friends...get new ones you know, sorta the way you change a wardrobe...a friend makeover...except I don't know how to approach people...never been very good in making new friends..sigh...I need help...