Friday, November 20, 2009

I despise...I hate....I absolutely cant stand!

First off, lemme say that my adidction with 'Hannah Montana' has been 'Greek'. Its another series that focuses on 3 people in a crazy college world where sororities and frats govern their lives-their relationships, their academics..and basically everything that matters to them.

So this nigga kept me awake last night and I kept reminding him that I had early morning classes, he's one of those niggas that will vex if you sleep off on the phone (not like I won't vex o...but he'll overdo the vexing) anyways, I made him promise to wake me up. Well, he buzzed me 4 hours later than I told him to and apologised...I'm not mad but I'm certainly not impressed, hence the post.

First, I hate it when I walk into a restaurant and order my food and then I realise that I cant pay with my debit card....and I dont have cash! That freaks me out....I don't like getting embarassed over money issues, I hate having to say 'I'll pay you back'..I think its an igbo thing..or maybe its just a Gidi thing...

btw thats what they call Naija these days o...I think its kinda fresh I'm using it...

I hate it when I hang out with a guy for the day and he tries to break rules like use an expired transfer on the bus or skip a line or something!...I know its random but I don't like it!...I just feel the nigga should try to step up now, I mean, he's tryna chyke me and he's doing stuff like turns me off!

I hate it when I go out with a guy for dinner or lunch and he starts complaining about the restaurant or tryna prove levels for the waiter...give me a break!...You wanna impress me?...try something else...complaining sucks big!

I hate it when a dude flatters me unnecessarily, I know you don't mean it, you know you don't mean who the heck are you deceiving here? Please spare me the BS...I can do without it.

I hate it when people try to prove that they are something and a simple, obvious test proves them wrong! I mean, come was so simple even if you passed it, I would've disregarded that.

I hate it when I'm staring at you online and you're probably doing the same thing,then I buzz you and you tell me I forgot about you. Seriously?....who buzzed who?

I hate it when I didn't buzz you for 2 weeks and you don't buzz me either...and you give me the I-forgot-about-you BS. kmt...well, it took you 2 weeks to remember me didnt it? so why are you complaining?

I hate it when you compose a paragraph of BS to apologise to me and you get angry when I don't forgive you. I haven't forgiven you because its so obvious that you don't mean it!

I hate it when you make simple promises and I have to remind you to keep didn't have to say anything, I would've been fine all the same.

I hate it when I put so much into being with you, and all I get is disappointment. You beg me to stay but I cant take it much longer...

I hate it when I make you the most important thing to me and you leave me hanging for someone that couldn't possibly care less about you... wake up and see what's in front of you

I hate it when the only time you come to me is when you've got a problem and you need advice, what the hell do you think I am... a freaking shrink?!

I hate it when we go out and we act like we dont know each other, what the heck are we hiding...and from who???

I hate it when we get to the point where our chat is the regular hi-whatsup-ok-bye thing....if you dont wanna talk to me, dont buzz...if I buzzed you then dont reply! I can take a hint

I hate it when I walk past a building and all I can think of is the last time we were there together, what we did, the things we said.....

I hate it that everything I write on this blog is always somehow related to you...

Times up hun, you need to leave my mind now!