Monday, December 7, 2009

tick tock til the end of the semester....

First off...I'm so pissed at Christopher Maurice Brown right now!
How can he delete his account? Doesn't the nigga have any sense?!
Being on twitter was doing his ass some good...but nooooo he went and deleted his account like a pussy that I know he isn't! I'd like a very good explanation for his making a dumb ass move like that!
That aside,
I've got two exams until the end of my first semester in UW. Sadly. the only friend I made in my year isn't gonna be in my class anymore. Matter of fact, we're gonna been in school at separate times for the next 5 years so there's a good chance we won't be running into each other..<-----sucks big time!
I know, I know...we can always meet up and talk..blah blah blah...but it just isnt the same....we won't have any class tests to talk about....or assignments ...or.... does suck!

My first semester in UW:
I remember frosh week. I think that was the first time I saw so many different people from many different cultures and countries...who looked so different but had the same feelings as me...excitement!
I remember the first day of frosh week, I was supposed to get a frosh band from the Student life centre. The line was so effing long. So this asian chic started a convo with me. I cant remember her name, but I remember wishing I had her liver ( seriously, I cant just start talking to someone I have never seen before).
We were divided into different groups. I was in red team...SPARTA!
I remember feeling very ridiculous while screaming cheers for the team during some of our activities.
One of our cheers went
'Who are we?'
'we are sparta!'
'and what is our proffession?'
' we scrub boards....boards boards boards!!'

Insane right?...tell me about it! It was pointless but it was good times....before the real work began.
I'm ashamed to say I never actually spoke to anyone from my group, except this one girl, who actually spoke to me first.
She's the only person that I remember, apart from her,this really cute half black guy. And I didn't talk to him...or even find out his name for that matter.
For some reason, he's the only one from frosh week that I still see....maybe fate....or not.

Fast forward to when classes started. Nothing special went on but I did have the greatest set of professors. I can only thank God for that.
For the first week of classes, I observed my class from my regular back corner. Ok not for the first week...actually most of the term.

Anyways, due to boredom from not having any friends to sidetalk to during classes, I took to assigning some of my classmates different characters and it was a little bit of fun!

There was a chuck bass....I think I wrote about him before...
There was also a classmate actually does look like her except without the blonde hair, my classmate version is a brunnette..
There's one that reminds me sooo much of my classmate is kinda cuter...but thats between me and you ...
There's a clark kent....omg he is soooo cute!...he even has the glasses...dayum!
Then there was an abercrombie model!..he was a hottie! Me thinks he is the sexiest engineering student I've seen. The way he wears his jeans, his jacket...he just has this swag......sigh....
I try not to call people a nerd...simply because I know that its not a very nice adjective to use in defining anyone....besides I've been called that in the doesnt bug me, but I can see it hurting someoneelse.
Thats not the point....there is this guy in my class that I just had to assign major geek to.
You know the cloak that superman wears...the red one innit?
Yup! This nigga wears a black one to class everyday!
Honestly, I don't get it. It now has this very funky symbol on the centre....
my opinion: geeky!
Theres the bad guy too...I've never seen a non-black guys checking my bootie out...but this one...I actually saw jokes!... He's kinda cute sha....
Theres also a guy that reminds me of my dad. Sometimes I actually shiver from looking at him!

There's a lot more but I cant think of all of them now....
Thats what my first semester in uni has been about....not really memorable, but theres time for the unforgettable moments to take place...for now I'd rather just go slow...
I should also add that I've formed very new habits and lost some of them too...hannah montana, greek, charmed, gossip girl, vampire diaries (may I add that I think Damon is soooo cute...pity he's the bad one...but whatever)......

I look forward to my next semester... which is not gonna be until April.....
One of my friends told me to make it a priority to make 2 new friends next semester. And I'm gonna take his advice...if not I may end up labeling my classmates again!

PS- going to Calgary for Christmas....pray with me that it wont suck..:(
PPS- 2 exams down...2 to go!