Tuesday, December 22, 2009

....I'm done.

Yeah, so I did't get heart broken today, I just got heart stumped.
Its all my fault anyway, I sould have listened to the sayings of a certain wise old man. Funny who you think of when you have issues. I guess old habits die hard...
I mean that in more ways than one.

Moving on after a break up isn't the hard part. It's getting over the ex that is the difficult part.

After you've gotten all nice and rosy with your new guy, the old one pops back up and so do old feelings. And if you're going to go with that follow your heart BS, you'll get back with the old guy.
A wise old man told me to be careful, I didn't listen but now I understand.

Sometimes, the only old feelings that pop up are yours, sometimes the other party's feelings are just for old times sake. And then you realise, you broke someone's heart and designed the boots that stumped on yours.

Half trust sucks.
Definition: the feeling that you truly trust something but believe the first bad thing you hear about it.
Now, if you give him benefit of doubt you maybe delusional...but if you end it, that maybe you being too cynical.

I'm tired of not trusting people or half trusting them
I'm tired of trying to second guess poeple just because I don't wanna be hurt
I'm tired because none of it is worth it. Life shouldn't be this complicated.
I'm giving it all up, I'm starting over with everything.
I'm gonna live life in the most simple way that I know how...
No complications, just living a free life..
Its over, and I'm done...

Phew, I feel better all ready...