Wednesday, December 16, 2009

yay me!!!!

First off....
I forgive Chris Brown....I'm in love with him all over again...
I guess I should remember he's human and he probably did the 'horrible deed' out of frustration....or whatever.
But that's not why I forgive him, he did a ustream today and even though I missed it narrowly, I'm glad that he made a little comeback like that. I'm actually proud of him!

Second, I got Myne Whitman's E-book!!!!
Double yay me!!!
This is the point where I would have put a link to her blog, but I dont know how to do that. Therefore, it is my mission this holiday to find out how to....except ofcourse someone wants to teach me...which I would appreciate....very much.
My other mission is to read Myne Whitman's book....yay me....again!!
yes that's right...I won the book...from being the first comment(o/e)r on Spesh's blog
I feel like doing that evil laughter right now...but that's not nice....
o well...I'll do it anyway..muahahahaha :>

Far be it from me to write a post that's only a paragraph with it...(evil laughter)...wonder why I'm feeling so evil today...smh
Anyways, I wrote my thrid exam today, I can only say thank God...
I have another exam that I should be studying for...but its one of those subjects that I don't just breeze through and understand....
I mean, the other day I studied the subject for only one hour and I had a major headache<---not funny!
Well, Lord help me on this helped me in the ones before...(clasped fingers, on my knees...well in my mind though) Amen!

So I'll go and try to study now but before I go...let me remind y'all that its Merry Christmas with a capital C, not happy holidays or happy xmas...its small but it makes a huge difference...I will most definitely be back before Christmas day..