Thursday, September 3, 2009

Baby disaster!!!

So last night, I was doing what I do every night...trying to take over the world...

Ok...not really.

I was chatting with people on fb and watching that new Nick Cannon movie. 'American Son'. I think he is so hot!!..Can't understand why he chose that old bitch over me...urrghhh...

...I drift...

Yeah, I had headphones on so I didn't hear the gentle tap on my door the first time. When it came again, I wasn't sure what it was, so I turned down the volume and listened again. And then I heard it for sure, so I walked to the door and opened it.

It was my uncle. He had his younger son BC in his arms. He had to go to work and BC woke up while he was trying to sneak out quietly.

My job?....To make a two year old, hyperactive child sleep off...How the hell was I supposed to do that? I mentioned before that I'm an only child. I have no experience whatsoever with the species called 'baby'.

First off, I tried to bribe him with cookies and juice so he wouldn't wake his brother up. And then I made him watch the movie with me..

I must say I kind of felt guilty about letting him see Nick and that babe makeout. I considered covering his eyes....but then I thought 'what does he know?'...

..I stray again...

He must have gotten bored of that because he said he was tired so I closed my laptop...while all this was happening, I arranged to call this dude that I haven't spoken to in ages...and I wasn't going to let me.

I lay on the bed beside BC, waiting for him to sleep. But I guess he wasn't quite ready because he got up and went to wake his brother up.

One baby is bad...but two....that's a nightmare!!

Allow me to introduce CK...he's a four year old terror.

Let's not forget my call date. I put the Tv on for them when it became obvious that they weren't gone sleep anytime soon. And I made the call...

It felt good to flirt again,even if it wasn't with a prospective bf.

While on the phone I checked on the kids every ten minutes or so... then the call was over...and the horror began...

Make two truants go to bed.

I turned the Tv off and got out the 'spanking cane'...I wonder what kind of name that is, but that's what they call it....I don't like spanking kids but this is the only way they listen to me...see why I call them truants?

Anyways, I lay on the bed beside both of them hoping they'll sleep off.

No such thing...CK decided he was hungry so I went downstairs and got him some cereal. Ofcourse BC decided he wanted too after ten minutes. Double journey for me.

After that they complained that they were thirsty. Two cups of water coming right up.

CK was about to say somethingelse and then I put my foot down. 'Everybody go to bed!'

Then CK said 'I don't like aunty, I like mummy and daddy'....If thoughts could kill,CK would have dropped dead on the spot.

So I lay down beside both of them thinking 'finally,some peace and quiet' and then they started talking. So I asked CK to move so I could lie between both of them. Believe me, I asked nicely but he refused.

I was at my wits end so I just pulled him over to the other side and lay down...and guess what?

He started crying. I didn't even hit the boy and he was wailing as loud as

BC slept immediately I lay down,but CK continued me, I ignored him easily,a skill I didn't even realise I had.

After crying for ten minutes, he stopped and said 'aunty, I wanna blow my nose'...and that was it!..

He went to sleep right after. I think he's crying must have worn him out...

All these issues and more that I've had with these children have made me rethink my decision to have kids. Like really? it worth it?...

Im 18 now and I know I'm not getting married in the nearest future...I also know that I might change my mind about kids as I grow older. But for now,its a definite no no situation.