Friday, September 4, 2009

a bother?

Remember F from my first post? Well he makes another appearance today.

He deleted me from his fb list the other day. I'm generally a nice a fault, so I called him twice before I deleted his number and made an attempt to erase him from my memory.

Just when I was a making a bit of progress, he sent me an fb invitation. Me,being....well... me, I accepted it immediately and I buzzed him up so he could tell me what the whole thing was about.

Let me describe F. He is a very miserable person. He makes jokes at the expense of other people, well me mostly. He is a very sarcastic person and doesn't hesitate to tell me what he feels about me in a not-so-nice way.

One of the things that attracted me to him was his british accent.
Gosh, I've got a very weak spot for that accent and the funny part is I can hardly make the words out over the phone. But still, I absolutely love it.

Where was I?..o yes...the chat.
So I asked him why I had been deleted and he said he didn't know. Like I'm stupid!!...Did he really expect me to believe that for some strange reason unknown to him, right after we had an argument, I couldn't acess his profile??...

Well, I didn't push it because I know he hates it when I push things too far. I let it go and tried to get things on a more neutral level.
I said something about him bringing out a totally different person in me, not so neutral I guess, and then he said he was trying to be casual with me. I took the hint and tried acting casual.
And then he complained that I was being annoying!!
wtf did he want me to do???

As always, I tried to settle things and after a while we were actually talking freely with each other and then he started using all his british slangs on me.

I don't mind slangs.Matter of fact, I use them a lot. But forgive me if I don't understand his dimwitted slangs and asked for an explanation. And can you believe what he said?

He told me to stop acting dumb!
I'm nice, so I joked about it, even though I was mad as hell.

But really,this dude, he has some serious issues. I'm trying to cheer him up....I hate chatting with miserable people,it kills my spirit... and then he sends 'fi mi sile'...thats 'leave me alone' in I say 'e pele e ma binu'.....'sorry don't be angry'

He replied and said he was serious. So I took the hint and said goodnight.

What I don't understand is whether he is being a jerk or I'm being a pest. Believe me, I don't pester people, definitely not boys. I know,from experience, that the convo goes better when the boy buzzes me.

This was the first time in weeks that I had buzzed him, he was always the one doing it. If he has a problem with me, why can't he just say it? I always give people a chance...its just how I am...but have I jumped from being nice to being a bother??