Saturday, September 5, 2009

Double birthdays!!!!


So two of my sweethearts have their birthdays today.

The first sweetheart is a really close friend. She reads my blog even though she doesn't actually follow it. I'll get you for that!

Anyways, we've known each other since primary school...Matter of fact, I can't even remember how we met!!

I love this chic so much and she's one friend that I'm so grateful that I have. She always understands and never judges me. She's always ready to listen. I also love the fact that she's very open with me.She never acts like I'm too 'good' to hear what's on her mind.

Yes know I'm talking about you...I love you hun. And I hope I'll always be there when you need me. Have a fabulous birthday and a great dinner. Too bad I'm going to miss it.

The second sweetheart is my ex bf. He is sooooooo adorable. We went out in junior secondary, we separated into different high schools and we met again this year and gave it a shot.

It didn't go exactly as planned but I don't regret it and I'm sure,neither does he.

Anyways, apart from being a really great bf, he was and is still a wonderful friend and I'm so glad I met him. Love you know I'm always there.

Have a great day and for goodness sake do something fun!

And another yay from me!!!
I'm finally moving today!!!!
Been waiting all summer for this...but now, I'm kinda scared...