Thursday, September 10, 2009

no I wasn't bored...

I missed you soooo much diary...ok, maybe it was just internet I missed generally.
I haven't written in ages.
I wasn't bored of blogsville. No, not that.
I was thrown back in time, when there was no such thing as internet.
Actually, not that either...but it was close.

Four days without internet and I've been complaining nonstop. What is this world turning into?
Where teenagers like me feel lost without their laptops, i-pods and phones....Lord help us.

So I finally moved into Waterloo a couple of days ago. Not so exciting right?
Here's the good part. I was moving into my own apartment...extrasuperliciously cool! Maybe not so much for some of you, but for someone that spent their whole life living with parents and being watched over by parent's friends, its a huge deal.

Well, thats kinda where the good part ends.
I moved into the house and discovered that there was no internet!
I felt like I had been thrown into dark ages...seriously...I almost went mad.
Apart from that, FROSH week just started.
In case you don't know, FROSH week is like an orientation week for freshmen.

Here, its like a military training and I'm not exaggerating....maybe a little...but still!!!
I'm in Engineering, and here in UW, it's a really huge deal.

So, we're running up and down in the sun like children, rolling in mud like its the greatest thing since shower gel,and making a fool of ourselves in front of these people called 'EDCOM'.

Apparently, they are the brightest and best of the engineering group in final year. Believe me, they are scary! They wear black shirts and military bottoms and have chains all around them. They have these extremely weird hairstyles (honestly, I haven't seen such hairdos before) and they were dark glasses.

FROSH week has been so stressful, so they decided to give us a break. A PARTY!!!!! That is so fantabulous, but guess what?

I have a bad headache, so I have to stay away. Can this week get any worse?
yes it can.
I misplaced my watcard which is my school id and my bus pass. And when I get another one, I have to pay. I hate unnecessary spending!!

So that's where I am today. No party, no watcard and a mad headache. Lord, I need you!