Tuesday, September 1, 2009

what to do,what to do?

...so its the beginning of a new month....does mean the end of ....friendships?!

Lets call this dude 'F'. Back in high school, during my final year, I met a lot of people. F was one of those people. He was in boarding school and I was in a different day school. We talked over the phone and through the famous 'sms'. We were into each other after a while and soon he told me the big 'I love you'.

At the end of the school year, for some reason he started avoiding me. Soon I just let him be and paid attention to other guys. After all, he wasnt the only 'fish in the sea'. A year later, he sent me a friend request on fb. We started chatting all over again and then I, well we both realised, that the feelings we had weren't dead. So we started up again.

In comes 'C', my...shall I say, school daughter? Thanks to fb's promotion of ameboism, I found out that 'C' and 'F' knew each other. I must say, I was extremely shocked. I don't know why but I didn't like the fact that they knew each other. I chatted with both 'C' and 'F', separately ofcourse. After much investigation, I found out that he was probably runzing her. Not that it was my business. After all, we weren't going out....right?

Well, 'F' and I started arguing a lot, truthfully, it was my fault...I just couldn't deal with it.

Now today....well actually yesterday...
I put something up on my fb status about how I thought someone was different and it turns out he wasn't. 'F' knew I meant him. So he buzzed me immediately and we talked. The convo didn't go well and I went to bed very confused.

I went on fb as usual, checking every once in a while to see if he was online. But he wasn't. I got sick of that and decided to stalk a little. I went to his profile. Only to discover it wasn't there!!!
Being an opptimist, I think, I assumed that he deactivated his account temporarily. I did an fb general search just to be sure. I was bummed! He was there, and it seemed nooneelse had been deleted, at leats not 'C'....

Well, now, I don't know what to do. Delete his number, luckily, I don't know it offhand/offhead...i forget which is right, send him an 'sms', or add him right back on fb..

what to do....what to do....